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Linkin Park Biography

Hai... semua fansfer di manapun berada. Bagi Fans Linkin Park aku mencoba menunjukan sedikit tentang Linkin Park dan semoga berguna bagi para fans Linkin Park. Jika pingin sharing silahkan tinggalkan comment n profilku bisa di lihat selengkapnya di friendster

Chester Bennington, was born in Phoenix, Arizona.[1] He took interest in music at a young age, citing Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots as early inspirations. Bennington's parents separated in the late 1980s, while he was still a child. He was sexually abused during his youth, and later struggled with cocaine and methamphetamine addictions. Bennington eventually overcame his drug addiction, and would go on to denounce drug use in future interviews.

Brad Delson, is the lead guitarist. While in college, Delson had to intern with a member of the music industry as a part of his career. He ended up working for Jeff Blue, an AR representative at Warner Bros. Records. He told Blue about his band and in return for giving him demos to listen to he was offered constructive criticism. Blue is the man who found Linkin Park's current lead vocalist, Chester Bennington. Delson has been known for his anti-social behavior on occasions, particularly for not washing very often during recording, according to bandmate Mike Shinoda. In high school, he used to dye his hair a variety of colors and in earlier days of the band he generally kept it shaved. Recently, Delson has been seen sporting an afro, which is also seen on the front cover for Minutes to Midnight. He has been criticized for playing simple guitar parts and never performing solos. He has confessed that he "doesn't like to show off," giving reason to the fact soloing is a rare act for him. He has explained that this is due to the nature of the band, and that he tries to make his guitar playing sound like a keyboard or strings to try to fit in with the hip hop and electronic sounds of the band. In the summer of 2006, Linkin Park performed at the Summer Sonic Festival hosted by Metallica. It was there that the band debuted a new song called QWERTY in which Delson stunned fans by deftly playing the heaviest riff the band has ever written. In the more synth-rock driven album, Minutes to Midnight, there are more complex guitar parts and solos by Delson.In 2005, Brad signed on as an official supporter of Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that provides free musical instruments and free lessons to children in public schools throughout the United States. Brad has personally delivered instruments to children in the program and sits on the organization's board of directors as an honorary member.

Joe Hahn, a.k.a. Mr. Hahn, Daddy Hahn, and for Reanimation, Chairman Hahn is the turntablist. Born in Dallas, Texas, Hahn is a second-generation Korean American. He was raised in Glendale, California. He attended Hoover High School. After graduation, he took interest in visual arts and attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California with soon to be fellow Linkin Park bandmate, Mike Shinoda. His intended field of study was illustration but he decided to drop out to pursue a career overseeing special effects in film and television shows such as The X-Files, Sphere and Dune. In The new album Minutes To Midnight,Joe Hahn contributes more to programming with his sound effects board and is heard in almost every song in Minutes To Midnight such as Shadow Of The Day, Leave Out All The Rest, Wake, Valentine's day, and much more songs in previous songs such as Crawling, Numb, In The End, Runaway, By Myself, Faint, and P5ing me A*wy. The only songs he uses turntables in the Minutes To Midnight is the minor role in What I've Done, In pieces, and The Little Things Give You Away.

David Farrell, more commonly known as Phoenix is the bassist. He is adept at playing the bass guitar, electric guitar, cello and violin. He has also been known to play an upright bass at some concerts. Farrell was a member of a Christian ska/Christian punk band known as the Tasty Snax. While attending college, he would practice with Brad Delson in their dorm room together. However, because he had to play and tour with the Tasty Snax, he could not play with Delson and his band, which would become Linkin Park. After changing their name to Snax, Farrell began playing bass guitar in the band before leaving once again to join Linkin Park full-time to play bass. Farrell's fellow bandmate Mark Fiore became Linkin Park's videographer. As described in the inlay for Reanimation he uses an Ernie Ball MusicMan Bass. Farrell has cited his influences as being his mother and his brother, Joe, as well as Weezer, The Beatles, the Deftones, The Roots, Bob Marley, Sarah McLachlan, Hughes & Wagner and Harrod & Funck. Fitting to his nickname, Phoenix, he has two phoenix tattoos on his back.

Robert Gregory Bourdon, is the drummer for the nu metal band Linkin Park. He is also the youngest member. Rob was born in Calabasas, California and now lives in Los Angeles. He grew up in the same town as the members of Incubus. Rob started to play the drums at age ten after seeing an Aerosmith concert. His mother was the girlfriend of Joey Kramer, Aerosmith's drummer, so Bourdon was able to go backstage and see the entire production and Kramer also gave him a kick pedal. In his early teen years, Bourdon played in bands with his friends. It was around that time that he met his current Linkin Park bandmate, Brad Delson, and they played together for about a year in a band called Relative Degree. Their goal was to play at the Roxy Theatre, and, after achieving their goal with a sell-out show, Relative Degree eventually broke up.

Mike Shinoda, is a Japanese American musician and record producer from Agoura Hills, CA. He is best known for his work in the band Linkin Park as well as Fort Minor. His first exposure to the music business came during his middle and high school years, when he attended a concert featuring Anthrax and Public Enemy. After that, he began taking piano lessons, studying classical pianist techniques, and later moved on to jazz and hip hop. It was during this period that he added the guitar and, eventually, rap-style vocals to his repertoire. After high school, Shinoda enrolled in the Art Center College of Design to study graphic design and illustration. It was here that he made the acquaintance of DJ and turntablist Joseph Hahn, who, along with Delson's college-mate Phoenix, was soon added to Xero's line-up. Shinoda eventually graduated from college with a degree in illustration, securing himself a job as a graphic designer right after graduation. With his background as a graphic artist, Shinoda has taken it upon himself in designing all of Linkin Park's artwork with Hahn, and has even designed the album cover for Styles of Beyond's debut album, 2000 Fold. In later years he would go on to showcase his art skills; he had his debut art showcase at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles in the time leading up to Linkin Park's album Minutes to Midnight.

Daftar Album Linkin Park Dari Tahun 1996

CD Year Released
Xero Sampler Tape 1997
Hybrid Theory EP 1999
Hybrid Theory 2000
Reanimation 2002
Meteora 2003
Collision Course 2004
Minutes to Midnight 2007


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